So I am in the middle of a lot of planning for “Ruby Workshops in the Tropics” this summer, where myself and a few other advanced programmers will be holding sessions to help you write tests, more concise, idiomatic ruby, and more….

It got me thinking I should just do some group pair programming on a weekly schedule. I already do several hours of consulting pair programming via CodeMentor and it has been a lot of fun.

So here we go! This Sunday, the 27th from 12pm to 2pm Central Time I will be holding a Ruby TDD session where I answer your questions and do some live coding for you. To participate in the session, you will need to have the Google Hangout plugin installed in the browser of your choice, and know how to open your terminal and ssh.

If you plan on participating, please send an rsvp to In the body please answer these questions so I can better prepare:

  • Ruby level (1-5)
  • Test experience (1-5)
  • Years of general programming
  • Operating System of choice
  • Editor of choice

Then click this button to subscribe to the calendar event and get the link!

I hope to see you there!